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Daily Character Sketches - Jan. 26

Once I finish my Bridgman book (a few more days) I'll be taking a break from drawing out of anatomy books for a while. I'm inspired by Jesse and Rian's sketch blog and have decided to steal the idea: doing a favorite character every day for... well, a month or two, anyway. I thought the idea was so good I wrote down about 40 characters I want to draw and got started on #1: Harry Potter. I messed up the shadows on the face and made him look pudgy, I think, but oh well.

Bridgman sketches - Jan 26

I got myself a new sketchbook recently, this one's 11x14 instead of 8.5x11 like my old one. Since it's twice the size, I'm only doing half a page a day instead of a full page, and so I'll be updating this blog every other day instead of every day. Here are the scans for the last four days. Click to make bigger.

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The Bar pg. 1 pencils

Here are the finished pencils for the first page of the new webcomic I'm working on with writer Jimi Odell. Click to embiggen.

Strip Jam: Dead Ministry

The Ministry of Fuzzy Love is dead. Let us all rejoice.

Click the picture to see the strip from the beginning.

Bridgman sketches - Jan. 7

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Bridgman sketches - Jan. 2

My house was out of power this week, so I spent a few days at my girlfriend's place. I didn't bring my scanner with me, so today I'm playing catch-up with all my daily warm-ups.