Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flight of the Living Dead #1 cover

This is coming out May 30th and here's the cover!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Sketchup

I have literally spent all day playing with Sketchup. This is worse than Google Earth.

More about Sketchup

One thing I forgot to say is that Sketchup has a feature that lets you walk around in a first-person perspective. What this means is that you can literally walk around in the Sundays house like it was a video game. When I'm completely done with this I might put the Sketchup file here on the website so people can download and enjoy it like I am.


Google has made a new program that allows you to make buildings easily and fairly quickly. I used it today to make the Sundays house. I'm not done with it yet, particularly with the second story which is empty right now, but here are some screencaps. This is all based on an actual floorplan I drew of the house prior to starting work on the comic. I had to change a few things around, but it's pretty faithful to it.

New (legal) Stardust trailer

Hopefully now that the trailer's on Apple.com, Paramount won't be mad at me for posting a link to it like they did last time.


Neil Gaiman's one of my favorite authors, and Stardust is my favorite book by him. And you might notice Ricky Gervais appears in this trailer.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Flight of the Living Dead #1 of 5 will be released on May 30. It'll be $3 plus shipping and it's basically the first twenty-four pages of the comic in a portable paper-based format. Future issues will be released sporadically, since I really only do a page a week of this comic.

The Sundays #1 of 6 will be released on June 13. That one's 30 pages and runs for $4.00 plus shipping. I'm going to try to go with a bi-monthly release on this, considering I'm penciling, inking and lettering each issue myself. Kevin L. Sheath handles the writing.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cool Tommy B

I'm tired. I'm-a finish the drawing of Emaline in the morning. Which it is right now, but y'know, after I sleep.

Mary O'Brian

Second of four. No relation to Joey.

Sarah Speerwell

This is one of four character sheets I'm doing for The Sundays for characters that won't be appearing in the first ten pages of issue one. This is so prospective publishers can see what she looks like when she's discussed in the plot synopsis of the first story arc (#1-6).

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I love YouTube

For reacquainting me with one of my favorite MST3K skits.